about Charmaine Rose

About me
My name is Charmaine Rose, I am 62 years old and semi-retired.

I was born in Cornwall but have moved around the country a lot over the years.

I have travelled to may places, such as China, America, S Africa, Thailand and around Europe.

I have worked hard all of my life bringing up two children on my own.

I have not had the time to study as well as I have had to work full time.

Now that I am semi-retired I created my own studio & really enjoy my painting.

I enjoy being able to express my love of nature & other aspects of life, in a unique fashion in vibrant colours.


Following the Great Depression of the 1930s and the onset of the Second World War, artists again searched for a visual language that would express the difficult, dangerous and changing world around them.

The language of abstract art enabled artists to discover a diverse range of new voices which communicated emotion, memory, inner strength, spiritual beliefs and provided a dramatic platform for them to have their say.

Edward Cullen
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